Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Food diary

So I've tried some food diary applications over the web. and are the best I could find. Then thing is I just find they are too cumbersome and end up taking too long.

Nutridiary is ace because they create meals that you can reuse. Unfortunately find foods in the first place is time consuming and since they're mostly US foods it's not so much use for me.

The Daily Plate has a much cleaner and tidier interface and they have a lot more English foods. Unfortunately they don't have reusable meals like nutridiary so there won't be times savings over time.

I'm starting my own food diary now just focussed on what foods and exercise I have eaten or taken. Just when, where and what. Nothing more. I'm not going to worry about the calories involved because as the food diary tools show it's very complex ands the techhnolgoy isn't mature enough at this time.

So I'm just gonna save my diary in a text format and keep it simple. Hopefully over time it'll help me see what I have been eating and doing over a period.

We'll see

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