Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fitness Gadgets

Another stroll in the web scape led me to this fascinating page by the guys at creating passionate users. It's all about using the latest technology to get healthier and have fun at the same time. I'm all about that and was glad to find an article with great ideas.

I particularly like the sport brain approach. My wife uses the fitbug pedometer which works ina very similar way and is mentioned in the comments of the article. I'm really impressed with the fitbug and so I'd like to try out the sport brain approach. It's really helpful just to have a record of how active you've been throughout the day.

I had a quick check of the market and found reviews of both fitbug and sportbrain and overall I'm hearing the fitbug (or omron HJ-720 ITC) is the winner, predominantly because it is more accurate. I can't speak for other pedometers but the fitbug seems very acurate and can just be left in your pocket rather than clipped to a belt or anything. It also doesn't use a pendulum to measure steps. My guess is they use an accelerometer but I'm not really bothered I just find it really convenient and accurate which is what counts.

any way I've been meaning to talk about decent pedometers for a while so at least I've finally got round to it. I also seem to have come across a really interesting new blog so I'm quite chuffed.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to fill ColChambers and others in on Fitbug and why it does become a conscience in your pocket.

Dennis Skigen
CMO, Fitbug USA