Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Simple phone add ons could provide netbook on your phone

Another idea that I would love some one to pursue would bring the netbook functionality to a mobile phone.

Basic idea. I use a netbook eee pc. I'm typing with it right now. I also always have my mobile phone with me. I would love to combine the features of my mobile phone with my netbook. When I thought about it I realised that the netbook just has a bigger screen and keyboard that's about all. sure the procssor, memory and battery are all higher spec but I'm sure these could fit in a mobile it would just cost more. The only issue is the screen and keyboard.

Ok, no it is really obvious when I think about it but, why doesn't someone just create a keyboard and screen like the nertbook has that can connect to a mobile phone. If the screen takkes a bunch more poer then maybe have a separate battery for it. You could have the screen and keyboard connected like a netbook or have them separate. The keyboard could even connect via bltooth I expect the screen couldn't due to the required data rate.

Either way hy don't manufacturers unbundle things like this . I think, particularly for phones you'd then be able to get so much more out of them.

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