Saturday, 14 February 2009

Android on a netbook! can it be done?

Can you run Google's Android mobile operating system on a an asus eee 701 netbook. 

That's a question that came to mnd recently and I think it's gonna burn in my mind until I get an answer.

Well I've een using my netbook for a few months no and love it. Problem is I'm not a linux head so the xndros os that came installed was good bt I quickly found it limiting. Same oes for the linux it runs on that you can access. I want to tweeak it to run how I'd like but I don't know linux. I ca't be bother to learn it right now.

So I installd windows cos I know how to tweak it. f course now it's not as fast as it was. What do you expect. So any way I really just want an OS designed for a this small mobile device not something designed as a swiss army knife with loads of features I'll never use

Enter Android. The dream is that it provides the internet based apps I want . Plus with me being a software developer who wants to get into Android it gives mme a chance to write apps on my main machine and run them on a mobile one wth out forking out for a gphone. Bit of a long shot
but then no one ever ahcheived anything by being negative. 

So let's do a bit of resarch. 
Q1: Has anyone gt Android running on a netbook?
Ok, #2 is a bit whingey but it came up in the results and  think it's always important to critique thingsso yu get balance. His question 'hy oul you want to?'. Well my answer is that I have a pc at work that's pwerful annd equipped to run windows. to be honest I think the the asus eee 701 are underpowered for the future requirements. Don't forget people that windows alays gets bigger and hungrier. If you want to keep up with security updates you also have to keep upgrading your machine. That's the rule of life.

Now windows do a fine job t what they do but to be honest I'm ready for fresher approach to designing ghtweight operating systms for lightweight machines and I have a hunch that google may do a dcent job of providing a mobile os. Right now it's early days but given  a year or two I think it will truly be market leading.

Anyway I then found out that there are plans afoot for asus to bring out a obile device running android. Perhaps they may even bring a eee out ith android?
So that's where my research has ended for now. Wow it's already a lot further than I coul have hoped. Fantastic. I'm thinking that for now I'll just try and run android from  memory card, if I can make it bootable or a bootable usb. Just so I cn trial it before getting rid of windows.

Let's see what the future holds

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