Monday, 27 April 2009

Could we control our games consoles with a mobile phone?

I'm waiting for the day that we control our games consoles with our mobile phones. You laugh now but with blue tooth becoming standard in all phones and accelerometers being pioneered by apple in their iphone and copied by everyone else it seems that very soon many people will have phones that can rival the console controllers.

Given the rising cost of controllers, particularly when you need multiples to have friends round I wonder when this price point urges someone to write a little app that gets your phone working with your console and thus saving you lots of money. Sure the Nintendo WII also needs an infrared sensor but that could be provided as a cheap add for phones that don't have one. Either way you could pay £10 for a better infra red received than is in the wii mote and save the rest of the money to get a better phone in time, or more games. 

Wednesday 28th April
Well this isn't a wii controller but check out

He didn't actually show the controller working, probably doesn't cos the wire isn't connected, but the idea is there. I wonder if anyone has taken this further?

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