Thursday, 16 April 2009

‘Radical Openness’ on the Google Phone — at Least for Now

I'm considering getting a gphone. I just read an illuminating article about Googles approach to entering the phone market. I like it because it first in with some of the articles I've put on my blog.

Why should google attack apple. Why can't they both try and create a big market that they can both live in. It's all about creating a large internet and media market that customers can take with them rather than be tied down. Both are experts in these fields. 

That works for now and this article explains some basics how that approach is Google idea. It's why I like what they do at the moment. Sure they're just trying to get people using the webin any way they can. That's what makes them money. But they're not trying to lock any one in, for now anyway, so it creates a wider market for other competitors to join and more choice for us the consumers and developers. 

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