Monday, 18 January 2010

My public calendar

I've been wondering how to track my daily life and activities for a while. I'm finding little ways of tracking some. Then I thought I'd start making some of this public just like I share things on this blog. Why? the same reason it's useful to put my thoughts up. the value in sharing.

I'm just planning to share ingredients and recipes of things I've been cooking. I've been storing this in my calendar as part of figuring out how to make food fun, healthy and easy to prepare. It's just an ongoing experiment but I've been wanting to relate to it in articles so having it shared directly seemed easier.

I use google calendar so I've just created a new public calendar. All I need to do is switch items to the public calendar to make them public. to make them private again i just need to switch them back. that's really all I should need to do. Hopefully I can then use my mobile phone for cooking and update through the calendar app to the web directly.

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