Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blogging and comments: Livefyre Wordpress only?

Part of considering the best blogging platform for me and investigating word press is considering what I lose migrating from Blogger. Blogger has been  particularly slow recently thus taking more time to work with. That's annoying but a topic for later.

Right now I'm considering comments. Blogger gives you something because it's built straight in to google plus which is a growing platform that's increasingly useful for traffic and discussion but it's only one place. I'd rather connect to all and let my visitors decide how they want to connect.

I've seen livefyre on several sites and found it useful. so I checked it out a little more.

Default Install

Is it a no brainer or a bit of work? You get 4 options as standard

  • wordpress
  • tumblr
  • custom
  • Joomla
Implying wordpress is a no brainer install. 

Blogger install

Can you add livefyre to blogger then? a quick search apparently you can

Doesn't seem too hard. Next question is which of my blogs I might try it on.

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