Thursday, 16 January 2014

Is there a good Blogging platform using Node.js?

So I'm considering a new blogging platform.

However I like to consider my options and see what else is out there. Node.js interests me because I am a programmer and Javascript was the first code I learnt professionally. I actually used JS with ASP, yep that's a pretty rare combination, to do a lot of server side programming. So Node.js is just the same concept to a much higher level and it's very popular. I understand it power twitter no less.

If you have any ideas or recommendations please comment or get in touch. I am always open to ideas.

So. My quick search for node js blogging platform returned

  • interesting. Sponsored by microsoft, is that a good or bad thing? seems slick, young and focused on simplicity. Is it too new, will it last. 
  • poet hmm a blog generator. What is that. Open source, maybe it sets up the infrastructure for a blog.
  • blogging module at nodejsmodules a list of popular blogging modules for node js for reference. Haven't reviewed it yet.  

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