Friday, 24 January 2014

What is snappytv?

During the Australian Open I saw a replay of tv coverage on twitter. Shared only a few minutes after broadcast on tv. I couldn't believe it.

The tech used was snappytv so I had a quick check.

How is it done, How does it work

Where to use it

That's the key question. I assume you need to be streaming live tv. I haven't used this yet to I don't know if it works on all streams etc. I'm now thinking of uses mainly because I feel there are things I want to do that this will facilitate. 

What springs to mind is player characteristics during matches. Where they stand to return or rally and position at net. That kind of stuff. 

The shortness of the posts attracts me because I like tools that help you get to the core of the matter. 


Of course this means I need to learn a little about the rights issues involved in this type of work. 


An exciting idea. The first use I have seen of it really impressed me. :Lets see if I start using it though. 

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