Monday, 8 December 2008

local web pages made safe by Google Chrome

I just read the google chrome blog. I know, geeky right, well I 'm always interested to see how companies represent themselves and I am really positively surprised how open the google developers are allowed and encouraged to be. 

Not only are they 'eating their own dog food' as I've heard people put it since they use the google code repository and interface as the project home page. They also use Blogger. I know they probably don't have a choice but atleast they're using the tools of google and showing us how to make good use of them, in theory. 

Any way I just read a post on the blog about the security hazards posed by local web pages. I have to confess I wasn't aware that local pages had elevated security. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Firefox 3 has a relatively good policy towards local pages since that's my main browser at the mo. 

I just got google chrome working on secure pages because I realised that while it seems to use the internet explorer conection details. Because I'm behind a proxy server at work I still needed to check the box that enables all the protocols including secure pages to use the correct url for the proxy server. Once I did that I am surfing https:// pages fine. 

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