Monday, 3 February 2014

Spongelab: Build a body

Just recording the sponge lab game Build a body that I just found. Click on the launch interactive button to play the game.

It's like the google virtual body but also part of a much wider assortment of learning tools on spongelab. Very interesting to find.

Spongelab calls itself
The best in digital learning.
and claims to be
A global science community 
So of course I want to explore this site over time. I'm starting  with their Build a body game.

I could pick apart the interface and interactivity but I think that's unfair. I find it quite simple and straight forward. I didn't need any instruction. It just worked. You place parts of the body where they're supposed to go and learn about them as you go.

What more could you ask?

In truth simplicity is great for learning. This tool doesn't try to be more that it needs to be to demonstrate the concepts. So I like it. Of course I would suggest it be made in either HTML 5 or unity for cross platform support but that's just a future feature. The concept it what is important and it's done well in my eyes.

So I'm looking forward to looking at the other resources sponge lab offer.

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