Monday, 10 February 2014

what is affiliate marketing: Rise of the new economy

I'm on a discovery process to understand What is Affiliate Marketing?. Good introductions are important.

Michael Rich of Nam  commented on my post and shared a good introduction what is affiliate marketing: Rise of the new economy. So I checked it out and here are my thoughts.

Obviously they promote their own products. That's the name of the game. What they do well is give you examples of markets you can find existing affiliate offers so they help you see how this can be a practical solution that fits you.

It's quite a long post which can be good and bad. Good for those who really don't know anything about this topic. For me I know plenty about business. I'm learning the specifics of Affiliate Marketing and how to apply it.

I can see lots of opportunities but few fit the mission for my sites. Health and Fitness for example mainly sells supplements as pills and creams. That's the opposite of my beliefs. The point is to reduce the need for these things and understand the damage they can do.
My message is: fix your body through understanding it. Spend money and effort on gaining knowledge, not popping pills. I've yet to find something that supports this.
This intro is good. It's part of 10 more articles. I'm interested to see where they lead.

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