Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Fun distractions help you kick bad habits

I've always felt a big part of gettin healthier, losing weight, kicking bad habits etc is down to creating a new lifestyle or adapting your current one to include things you like that don't involve the things you're trying to involve.

Well here's a little article making that point a little clearer. I know it's obviously realnetworks trying to drum up more users but I still feel the concept is the right one. It works for me all the time. I don't associate going to the cinema with snacks , it was just the way I was brought up, but my wife does. So it's good for me but not so good for her if we see a lot of films cos she snacks and I don't. I've always noticed that when I'm kept busy I don't feel the need to snack but when I veg out I often do. That doesn't mean I don't veg but since I'm aware of it I can then figure out how to be in control.

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