Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Comparing Winning Styles of play

Reading reports on the current US open it's fascinating to see how different players handle adversity and achieve their best. I stumbled on an article comparing Jelena Jankovic with Roger Federer as examples of how the number two players in the worlds go about becoming number 1.

I was particularly impressed with the analysis of Federer. I find him really interesting to watch. Given that many are saying that he may be a spent force I find it worth remembering that he's still made two grandslam finals this year. Ok he was completely outplayed at the French but he still made the final which means he can beat everyone except Nadal. Maybe it's just because we're used to supreme dominance and so when the standard drops even a little it's easy to fall off that perch.

It really fascinates me to see if Roger can regain that dominance and to see how he goes about it. Logic would tell me that he should remember what made him great in the first place and go back to that place and above all trust himself. If he's been great for years then you don't just stop being great. That sounds like what he's doing. I hope it carries on and he gets some success with it.

Atleast the fight is now going to be really interesting with Nadal on the scene.

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