Thursday, 7 May 2009

Replicate the pressures of snooker whilst practising

Watching the world snooker final got me thinking about training methods for snooker. Particularly methods to replicate the pressures of competition in training when you don't have a training partner or want to simulate playing some one better than you. The pressure comes from your opponent capitalising on your mistakes so you need to replicate that. 

A simple cheap way to do this is with a dice or two. For each shot your opponent is supposed to take or to simulate a sequence of shots you roll the die. The score tells you what the opponent achieved. You remove the relevant balls and add the score. 

I haven't figured out all the rules I just like the idea of being able to replicate the pressure of competition. This way you don't know whether you will be punished for any mistake. Your opponent will never get nervous and never feel any pressure. 

So if you can deal with this then you will be better prepared for any match

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