Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Editing with wordpress

I'm loving the experience of writing and publishing with Wordpress but it's not a flawless experience so I'm logging the things I've learn in case they help others.

Fullscreen editor with Kitchen Sink
The beauty of Wordpress is being able to just bring your words to centre stage while writing. There is a Distraction Free Writing button in the editor which makes the text full screen and hides everything else. This is just the way I have always wanted to edit but lacks one thing. The editing options I need all the time. You only get a limited selection that I rarely use. I need Heading 1 and 2 for example. The shortcuts DFW guide and more than 40 keyboard shortcuts to use in the wordpress editor

In blogger you can use keyboard shortcuts for links so the problem didn't exist but then you can't go full screen either or distraction free.

In wordpress I'm not the only one to want full screen editing with formatting buttons. They say you don't need Distraction Free editing you just need a full screen editor buy pressing ALT-Shift-G to toggle it on and off. That didn't work for me though. Either it's a windows/mac thing or (I work on moodle which has the same editor) it's a TinyMCE editor shortcut and has changed.

So I went to TinyMCE and tried the basic example. Right their I explored their menu and found that the View > Fullscreen shortcut is actually Ctrl+Alt+F. I assume its Cmd+Alt+F on mac. That works fine for me.

Problem solved.

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