Monday, 23 March 2009

Top 10 scalability Mistakes

Webserver performance and how to maximise it. Always a useful thing to know. Here are the notes from a presentation entitled Top 10 scalability mistakes by John Coggeshall. John is a former senior player at Zend, the company behind PHP. Reading the notes I noticed common threads that followed my experience. He mentions some tools I wasn't aware of so there's something I learnt. I was glad that several of the practices I have both used and found to be as usual as he says. 

I noticed this talk when I came across oreilly's oscon sessions. reading the bio you'll see why I had to read it and put it on the blog. 
In my travels working with clients worldwide, I’ve had the .. Pleasure .. of working on many of the biggest PHP code bases and applications on the planet. Often, I’m there because they are broken, and I’m always responsible for getting them fixed. One thing is for certain—there are a lot of developers, managers, and architects out there who are making the same mistakes as everyone else. From growing your development team from 5 to 50, or your code base from 10,000 to a million, there are clear patterns and mistakes. Join me as we investigate some of my favorites and how to both avoid and learn from the mistakes of others.

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