Monday, 27 April 2009

Mental acitvity may circumvent dementia

Mental activity may circumvent dementia has been re-produced at my new blog Cell Your Sole.

Another reason I favour sports as my vigorous activity is that sports provide a mental activity as well as physical. There's mounting evidence that our brains need as much activity as our bodies to keep them fit.

I was really impressed reading about the nun study which reported

autopsies of the brains of individuals who lived well into their nineties or older and who showed no signs of mental functional decline, revealed that most exhibited significant changes in brain structures and biological markers usually associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  In spite of those changes, they did not show any behavioral changes.  Snowden concluded that continued mental exercising allowed for the development of alternate pathways that bypassed the diseased portions of the brain and that appeared to account for their preserved mental functioning. 
Again this kind of research implies that our bodies have a highly developed capability to work around problems within themselves. All they need is the stimulation to do so. This stimulation generally comes from some kind of activity. Those that do it benefit greatly. 

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