Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Amazon and Synergy = Kindle

hmm, I thought the Amazon kindle ebook reader was just a high tech book. I could see plenty of potential but didn't think anyone with any power had actually had the same ideas.

Well I've just read an article title 'Amazon and Synergy - Kindle' that says I'm wrong. I could see the benefit of carrying around loads of books in a small light weight device rather than as loads of textbooks along with the other similar benefits. But then I wondered why I couldn't do the same with my gphone. Ok, it's got a smaller screen and shorter battery life but I don't see why I'd need an extra, dedicated device.

If, as Felix Torres implies the kindle become a connected device with a community behind it like facebook or even xbox live, then it really would become a fascinating and useful pieve of kit. I also wonder whether Amazon would also consider opening up the party to other players like the iphone and gphone. Sure they'd be letting in competitors and reducing the appeal of their dedicated device, but then they'd also be opening up their marketplace to millions more users.

That's the question for me. Will the kindle ensure the entire approach is locked down to Amazon or will there be some kind of openness in the future.

I wonder.

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