Wednesday, 29 July 2009

History may repeat itself: Mobile apps as the new dektop apps

I may have mentioned this before on this blog but I felt like exploring this topic again. Mainly to record my thoughts and see whether they pan out.

I've felt for a long time that the current state of the internet resembles the mainframes that were dominant back in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Then the pc really took off and we saw a massive shift towards data and processing being undertaken on individual devices local to the user.

I feel the time has now arrived for this switvh to begin at pace. Sure the desktop browsers with google gears and coming support for html 5 makes this possible but in truth I don't think the desktop is where these changes will be most dramatic. I think mobile devices, they're sporadic connectivity and rapidly increasing capabilities will drive this change the hardest.

Developments such as the android operating system and the iphone have proven mobile devices capable and very convenient at a lower cost than you average laptop. All the signs I see indicate that truly useful apps will arrive once the client server paradigm is restored. This time thought it should be with much improved netowkr communication.

That's my guess anyway

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