Monday, 3 March 2014

Planning my blog migration

I like to plan and experience has shown me this saves a ton of pain later. My blogs have become really important to me which is why I am moving them in the first place. Of course I have a specific plan in mind and I have to talk to my new hosting company to see how best to achieve it.

Aidan from TSOHost emailed yesterday with the nice and professional mail
Thank you for your order, please let us know if you need any help in future.
This is why I went with them. So this morning I have replied to mail with my first set of questions.

I've included the text of the mail because you may have similar questions. It feels weird to share because it feels private but then I realised it's not. It's the future of this blog and all my others. This blog may become fit2thrive with my others being divisions of it e.g. and 

What I actually end up with may change but you may be interested in my current vision. I like it when others share their plans about their blogs, apps and things so I'm doing the same. I haven't gone into all the detail yet. I thought I would let that come out in time. 

So here is the mail I sent them. 

Thanks Aidan,
I've got multiple blogs to import so I'm picking the easiest first leaving the hardest until last.

My first task is to migrate my existing blog lifeasplay. It's a wordpress blog and I need to migrate it to wordpress on my tsho hosting. There are a few questions I have first

1) Sub domains: I want lifeasplay to be a subdomain of my main account with the url Before I do anything like install wordpress I want to understand how you guys achieve this.

Do you point subdomains at:
  1. specific directories on the same server
  2. separate servers or instances 
This then leads onto questions about how I will set up wordpress. Will I have multiple instances to maintain or just one instance.

I assume this is a common question so I would prefer your lead on achieving this best on your site.

2) Free migrations. Do I simply tell you what I want and you sort it out or do you need more from me. I'd like to see how you guys set things up atleast once so I can use this as a template for later. It would get me started much faster.

I believe you will need login details for the sites to migrate. I can supply these when needed.

I'm just starting the conversation first.



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