Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Is Vanilla JS ready yet?

There are so many javascript libraries that I can't be bothered to learn a new one without good reason.

This tweet
♇4n3 ‏@Pl4n3 TIL vanilla.js mind=blown. :)
led down an interesting path. I visited hoping for some kind of demo. Nothing there. Then this line caught my eye

Vanilla JS is so popular that browsers have been automatically loading it for over a decade.
hmm.  Now that is interesting. Checking back to the tweet p4n3 is a 3d guru I have respect for. If he is using it I might be interested. Looking through the speed comparison tables was worthwhile.

I was hoping that javascript itself has matured to the point that the need for libraries is reduced or non existent. Thankfully that is what this site and the tweet is about. Worrying less about what library you use and more about solving problems that matter.

The link to Vanilla JS documentation points simply to the Mozilla Javascript page.

A few reviews make interesting reading when comparing native js with libraries

Each highlights that native js can now replace the need for several aspects of libraries. This is good news. I'll keep an eye out for places I can use it

For me though I'm going to wait. Simply because it's an evolving area. A few more years and I might just be able to write pure JS. Right now though I have to figure out which works every where and which doesn't in some random case. I have a life too so I'll let others tell me when it's all ready. 

Glad to hear JS is well into its journey to maturation though. 

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