Thursday, 9 January 2014

Future vision for my blogs: New year, renewed focus

The point of this blog is partly to help me raise my son. My vision has always been that by improving my knowledge and experience of human performance and using this to achieve my own dreams I would then be able to help my son achieve his dreams too.

That's the overall vision I have and so far it's been a good choice. Recently I have started to understand what part my blogs can play in achieving this vision.

I thought I would share my vision because I will be posting more things that may not initially seem relevant. It should all make sense in the longer term but I thought I would give you a heads up first. Feel free to skip it if you don't think it's relevant. I just have so many roles these days that I can't be relevant to all people all the time.

Colchambers: Human Performance

This blog colchambers is quite general in its focus. I have many lifelong dreams and many much shorter pursuits which all feed in. The idea is that is my life journey. As well as learning about the body myself I'm looking at ways of expressing what I know as best I can. This means looking into newer technologies like 3d  and virtual worlds, html development tools and wearable technology to name just a few.

Some of what I share will just be tips. I learn so much from little things other people share so I like to give back too. So while some of it may not seem obviously helpful it will still reflect part of my journey. Over time I hope to pull more and more of the content together into an organised whole.

Being a Dad is a huge and fun part of my life but something I haven't shared much of yet. I see that starting to change. I see the role of being a dad as very much like being a coach. A supporting role helping my son get to grips with the world and find his part in it. Much of the role though covers very mundane things. So some posts may cover these things. Apologies but it's a great way to get help and a great way to share useful tips.

The Competitive Urge

the competitive urge explores the impact of competition in our lives. It began as a Tennis blog where I can use my sports science training but I now see it having a much wider focus including education, work, even politics. The urge to compete is everywhere because evolution is everywhere.

I keep noticing that to compete better in tennis it helps to have a wider knowledge of life. Learn from the competition that is going on elsewhere, in other sports and industries. Instead of reinventing the wheel reinterpret the solution from another industry into tennis. For example I think the womens tennis tour could learn a lot from womens gymnastics. That is a sport where the women are the main draw, the men come second.

Cell Your Sole

cell your sole is a science blog looking at how understanding your body can improve your health with a particular focus on the benefits of activity. It covers biology, psychology, chemistry, sociology and more specific topics like genomics. I'm currently working through a series of posts covering the common illnesses that physical activity can help with including obesity, insulin resistance, migrainediabetes and heart disease and alzhiemers and dementia. I am also currently running a series of posts exploring how to lose weight.

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