Friday, 10 January 2014

What works for nappy rash

This post is the kind I was talking about previously about things that don't seem relevant to human performance. The link is tenuous because it is about the practical process of living so it is about the journey. I am now a father and so treating the injuries of others is important as my own. I know that I won't be the only person with this problem. Fixing it helps me get on with my day and my son with his.

I signed up to to make it easier to help my son progress. I asked my wife for the best site and she finds their daily email pretty much spot on. They mention tantrums, he suddenly starts doing them.

So this mornings mail mentioned nappy rash. Their blurb was:
So the next time your baby's bottom breaks out, don't waste time (and money) testing out cream after cream on your own. Check our list to see which skin solutions other moms swear by to find a remedy that really works

Their list seems ok but I had to share what saved the day last year when the nappy rash just would not go away. We tried everything, nappy off all morning, all sorts of creams(bepanthen, sudocream, Canesten HC). You name it. A quick call to our nursery solved it. Metanium. We just use the nappy rash ointment. His bum went from red raw to fine in a day or two and it stopped the pain almost instantly. It's so think you can really tell its creating a solid barrier. Since then we haven't had a problem. We just use the normal barrier creams if we ever have a problem saving this for the heavy duty sore spots if they develop. Haven't had to use it much but its a life save when you do.

We just picked it up from tescos but the sell it at Boots and the discussion on netmums seems to reflect the experience we had. It may not work for everyone but if your little one is in agony, like mine was then it really can save the day.

HTH. If anyone has any better advice then please let me know.

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