Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australian Open: Rod Laver Arena as a 3d Model you can download

Of course I love looking for 3D models that I can use. Preferablyl stuff I can use straight away in Unity but you can normally convert them if needed for Unity. The process of importing seems to be a skill in itself anyway.

That aside I'm listening to the Aus Open 2014 and realised I had never seen Melbourne Park where it is played. So with the wonders of modern technology I can do the next best thing. A 3d tour of sorts.

So I jumped into google earth and searched for Rod Laver Arena and Voila. I love seeing how these tournaments are laid out. It's always different to how I imagined but now I know it adds a little to the experience.

Imagine my excitement when I found that Rod Laver Arena has been modelled and you can download it (apparently for free)!!! I know. I was floored too. Properly salivating.

I can't see a way to embed the visualisation here so a link will have to do.

check out Rod Laver Arena 3D model

Watch this space for the upcoming models I am so excited to list :-)

Building my portfolio of models I can use in Unity is an on going quest. I already have a whole gamut of Nasa models. No joke Jupiter orbiters and apollo rockets no doubt and the amazing space shuttle. No joke. Downloaded from Nasa itself. I'll post the link in due course but if you want it just get in touch.

Thanks for dropping by. I haven't used this Rod Laver 3d model yet so if you do please let me know how it turns out. If you need to do some jiggery and pokery :-) to get it right, which I find you have to do with all models, then it would be great if you share what that was.


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