Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What is the best blogging platform for me?

I'm looking for a new blogging platform. Blogger is great but it's the freebie and newbie platform. Not designed for serious needs but for beginners needs and getting people into the world of the web through writing.

I'm now really serious about my blog so I need serious tools and kit and thus the search begins. The obvious choice is Word press because it's pretty mature and used by everyone, particularly professional bloggers. if it's good enough for them then it's good enough for me.

I'm planning to buy some hosting and put a bunch of software on it. One will be my blogging software along with Moodle as a learning support tool (I use it at work at the Open University so it's a natural fit). So my questions are around what kind of hosting I will need. I also use and love cloud9ide for developing web apps in the cloud and the browser. It's the best I've found. I don't necessarily need something that hosts cloud9 software but hosting that allows publishing from github.

You can see it's a wish list to support a better workflow than I have now. If you have any ideas or recommendations please comment or get in touch. I am always open to ideas.

A look at wordpress
search for Wordpress Hosting
must have plugins for wordpress users

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