Sunday, 19 January 2014

Virtual Worlds in Unity: Gone Home: what happened to the Greenbriars?

Has anyone played this game? It sounds fantastic. I've been tracking Unity for a long time and developing with it has been a real pleasure. Finally I am seeing Unity hit the mainstream as both a game and simulation platform. This title particularly is something that I am considering buying.

The concept seems genre defining. I love crime dramas, this sounds like an interactive one. The synposis is

A multiple award-winning story-exploration game that asks: What do you do when you get home and your entire family has disappeared? Spend your time going through their rooms to find out what’s happened of course.

Gone Home
by The Fullbright Company
for Windows, Mac and Linux

I head about it from the monthly Unity news letter. The promo video seems amazing and about gone home on the makes site tells you more.  What interests me is the concept. The interactive aspect of solving a crime. Moving from the passive process of which TV or film to the more interactive nature of games.

Whether the game is good is less important than the value that the gaming experience can bring. The genre is very young compared to the big or small screen. So seeing it evolve and grow is what really excites me.

If you can tell me any more about it. What is good, what is bad. Is there anything new to the concept, gameplay, interactivity that moves the genre on?

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