Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Is Crossfit designed by friendly people?

I'm really interested in and impressed by what I have read so far at the modernforager website. I like the approach more than anything. The style is to present information and allow feedback. To accept that this is their view but others may have different opinions is something I welcome.

Now I'd heard them rave about Crossfit and thought I better check it out. I've only read one article so I don't know how it all stacks up but once again I really like the style. I read the article
http://www.crossfit.com/journal/2006/10/seniors_and_kids_feb_03_cfj_1.html and was suitably impressed by the positive and supportive approach which I think is just right to get people into enjoying activity rather than feeling they 'have to do it' to stay healthy.

Let me know what you think

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