Friday, 27 November 2009

Augmented reality

Just inspired by the relatively new field of augmented reality wanted to start another ongoing document to record what I find out.

Just google Augmented reality for sport and found a fascinating article on making moving pictures stop and another on playing along with the real world.

I dont' have time to add more right now but even the first page of results and the articles above seem mouth watering.

Ok, had to google augmented reality vision (will try glasses and contact lenses but vision covers both) and found
Augmented reality contact lenses give you Terminator-vision then found BMW Augmented Reality Glasses Help Average Joes Make Repairs which has an amazing video

Ooh this really is exciting. It's very much part of my future dreams coming trye. I don't think I'm the only one. I keep thinking about how to learn things myself and teach others. I like to give visual demonstrations but also see what I look like performing a task. Get 360 views etc. I want to help peple do this for themselves too cos I think we all learn so much faster this way. Even when I'm cooking it would be amazing to see what jamies oliver does as though he really were in the room.

Well, it seems like that's really on the radar. Don't know when it will be consumer grade but the tech definitely seems to be getting.

Ok, there's also a game called Cannonballz and it's become part of google earth. The video is just mind blowing.

Watching this and seeing that it's just two/three video streams of the same situation merged into one with software. I think this is what we're seeing so much more of in films these days and probably where they got the money to progress it as far as they have.

Wowee. I really think we're in a time just like when cars, electricity, planes and all the other inventions were coming of age in the early 20th century. these technologies are old hat and well understood now but must have been so forward thinking and hard to understand then.

I hear that cars weren't allowed to go over 5mph and had to had someone walking in front of them to ensure this. Just because people were scared of what they can do. Now cars rule the road and pedestrians beware. How things have changed.

I'm really excited to see how much life will change with these new technologies.

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