Thursday, 5 November 2009

Flash without Flash for a timeline of artifical life

I just had to blog this. I think flash is really useful but it's propietary and inaccessible on so many levels. So I love efforts to achieve flash like effects without using flash. I just just visited and saw their timeline feature. Wow. Worked in chrome and firefox for me. Gets me excited about where the web is headed.

it's also about artificial life and computer simulation which are two important topics to me. So i couldn't help but promote the link love.

I didn't realise at first but it's actually an embeddable widget. Now I'm even more impressed cos I can embed it below.


Andrew Brasher said...


I think this use Dipity's timeline widget which is great but costs if you want more than a few (3?) timelines. There's a free open source timeline widget here that might be of interest. It's implemented in JavaScript i.e. no Flash :-) I haven't compared the functionality but it might be worth a look.

Colin said...

Nice on Andrew. that's really helpful. I didn't realise it was a paid for solution. Always really handy to have a free one.

I appreciate the effort to pass this on.