Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Revolution vs evolution

This topic comes up time and again. What's more efficient? It seems that everyone only talks about and accepts one or the other as a course of action. Socialism or capitalism, overhauling the education system. I don't see it that way and I don't implement a one sided approach in my life.

My time honoured approach is a simple mix of evolution, constant iterative steps towards the next goal making and correcting mistakes along the way with managed revolution at appropriate stages. In software I evolve things by learning new tricks and approaches and then revolve over time by switching to a whole new framework or application.

In tennis I do this by learning simple ways to improve strokes but then have a revolution when I discover whole new tactical philosophies or that I can play left handed. I don't forget my previous skills, rather and I learn to accommodate all I've learnt.

So I constantly go through evolution and revolution. I've also written a separate post explaining that evolution is among us

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