Sunday 15 November 2009

Living a healthy life. It's survival of the fittest

Living a healthy life. It's survival of the fittest has been re-produced at my new blog Cell Your Sole.

I've spent my life learning how to balance lifestyle with health. Everything I learn points to being active on a mental, physical and spiritual level. The activity forces you to grow. The lack of it leaves you to decay.
I've been struggling with the common assumption that health comes from what you eat not what you do. It's the message you get everywhere but it doesn't fit what I see and learn.

Now I think I can explain why and use an age old theory to explain it. Darwin said it was the survival of the fittest. He didn't say it was survival of those who eat the best. That's it. The basic theory of evolution states that we must be fit for purpose. I take this to mean we must live lives that make us fit. Health comes from making our lifestyles fit our environment. Finding and consuming the right food is part of it but making our bodies capable of dealing with the effects of the lifestyle is much more important.

I think everyone forgets that wild animals do not control the soil and growing conditions of the food they eat. They just develop the ability to get the nutrition they need from what they're given and deal with the by products. That's how nature deals with it so that's how we should if it's going to be sustainable.

Humans have had the same problem for millenia too. We learnt to cultivate the land and move to find good soil but have only very recently had the power to completely change large sections at will.

That's what I've been struggling to put together. A simple line that puts this all in context and shows how activity is fundamental to all life. I think that now I have it.

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