Monday, 1 June 2009

Browser Javascript benchmarks

Just found out that google have provided some javascript benchmarking tests to promote their V8 javascript engine. 

Thought I'd try it on my work machine where I have chrome, Firefox 3.0.10 and IE 7.0.5730. Since all tests will be on the same machine with all things being equal it seems like a fair test. 

The higher the score the better. I thought it was really funny. Chrome got 1345 while firefox got 94.7 and internet explorer got a piddly 18.5. I've pasted the full results below. 

It makes me laugh though. I could totally believe that the tests provided promote chrome over other browsers but then I also feel thata ll other browsers make no effort to support javascript enough. I thought the gulf was a lot. I just didn't realise it was so big. In terms of providing rich internet apps this really does show why chrome is the way to go. 

I wonder when they will be providing the plugin apps ala firefox. But given how much these slow the browser down I wonder if they'll use quite the same approach. I wouldn't be surprised if the utilise the extensive javascript and gears support so apps are just coded using html and js. 

Chrome Score: 1345
Richards: 1561
DeltaBlue: 1607
Crypto: 1404
RayTrace: 1865
EarleyBoyer: 2631
RegExp: 154
Splay: 3002
Firefox Score: 94.7
Richards: 86.0
DeltaBlue: 83.7
Crypto: 70.6
RayTrace: 86.8
EarleyBoyer: 129
RegExp: 64.9
Splay: 185

IE Score: 18.5
Richards: 17.4
DeltaBlue: 14.8
Crypto: 18.7
RayTrace: 26.4
EarleyBoyer: 50.9
RegExp: 43.3
Splay: 2.59

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