Wednesday, 3 June 2009

limitation leads to limitation

I'm in the business of creating options for myself or those I deliver solutions to. The more options I can figure out or provide the easier I find it to adjust to the constantly changing envrionments I'm in.

The reason I mention limitation is that I'm quite focused on removing my limitations. That's not to say I'm expert at everything but I can do something basic in most areas. The idea being if I can achieve some thing then I'n less nervous doing it than I originally was. That means I won't shy away from it and over time as the relevant skill is practiced I become good at it and may even excel.

The philosophy is essentially a limited developer creates limited applications. I mean a limited developer in terms of limited skills, depth of experience, vision, creativity, ability to communicate and collaborate. Limited applications only work on the device and for the people they were intended for and are difficult to adapt to other situations and people.

I feel the same can be said of teachers or any other profession (or craft as I see them). A limited teacher can only teach limited things. That's some thing I  feel makes sense. I mean that what they teach will always be limited by their experience, point of view, subject knowledge and knowledge of their audience. They may also be limited in their ability to express themselves.

Ok, I'm assuming things here but I don't have the time to prove anything. And in truth it's just an opinion. I'm not saying I'm right I just feel it's a useful point to make as it explains why I'm always looking to learn. By constantly improving myself as a teacher, developer and other things I'm reducing my limitations. By progressively reducing my limitations the things I do and say become less limited and so I go from limits leading to limitations to strengths creating more strengths.

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