Monday, 22 June 2009

Download youtube videos on Android

This post is gonna do 2 things. It's a test of the blog.gears approach for posting to blogger from my mobile phone.

It's also a notice that you can easily download youtube videos as mp4 files on android phone to play at your leisure

Ok, just noticed the first snag in this blog.gears approach. Can't easily do links. Maybe I'm just gonna have to post from my phone and review when I'm at my machine.

Just published the article. Was up on blogger in a flash. Forgot to add the title. Easily fixed it and republished. Now I'm on my pc I've just changed the url to a link. And voila. A simple mobile post. Feels like I've got more options now.

edit 25th June
Just found another way to do this if you're interested. Basically enter the url at

edit 27th October
Tried both tips an it no longer seems to work. Boo. don't know if the donut update or a youtube thing. Big shame. Found a fascinating video while at work. don't have time to watch it so wanted to save for later but can't guarantee connectivity then.

My guess is that Google has had to prevent downloads to prevent copyright infringements and the associated lawsuits. If I'm wrong and there's a fix please comment.

Actually. It turns out I was doing all this within android. When I tried on my desktop pc it seems to work fine. Shame would be neat on the phone. Anyway my android G1 is also a standard usb drive so I'll just copy to it. Easy.

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